Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Late night pulsars

All 5 of the people who actually know what a shield was ran a C5 Pulsar static with a spider tank of Tengu's. They thought they were the hottest crap to ever hit a skillet.

I hate Caldari.

On topic, I busted out Camtastia and it works GREAT.  Got some good footage of a Revelation / Naglfar Pulses / Autocannons.  Looks awesome.  Working on getting my personal Naglfar in yeaaaaah.

Also, having a ton of fun with blogger, glad to have all you guys around.

Day Two:

Pieced 4 different musical scores together.  Depending on what footage I get will determine which one to use.  Busted out some quad-capital escalations last night, and got stonkin' thrown.  Cheep rum isn't too fun the next day.

Now to acquire footage... if only I knew what software would be best to use for EVE.

Experimentation time go go.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Beginning of Something Small

I'm about to make my first venture into video editing, advertisement, and being useful at EVE Online, all at the same time. Oh god.

My goal is to make an add for next year's Alliance Tournament for our corp - The Dark Space Initiative.

I just got done splicing together some Nujabes for the 30 second spot, it sound sexy.

Back to work getting footage together.